Wardrobe Makeover

Few days before our Holiday after I had transformed our little space in a total, total mess looking for a lost bikini to match  another lost bikini my husband had this hilarious – at first sight – idea to leave our house organised. This way on return we’ll find it nice and tidy without spending another entire day on cleaning up. All my facial expression went in a slow-mow verbal a-m-a-z-e-m-e-n-t Whyyyyy, Why One will do that before going on a Holiday???”

The image of my unmatched bikini come to my mind and I realised that my “wardrobe situation” went out of control lately. I looked around and I saw my shoes, my bags and makeup hanging Everywhere, in all corners of my house. Suddenly it was so obvious that I have to do something and have to do it ASAP! 

I wanted my place to look chic again and finally to access my wardrobe easily. To solve at once these every-woman issues when it comes to organize the wardrobe. As my place is really tiny my challenge was to find very smart solutions to stow nicely the volume that my closet, shoes, bags and makeup occupies. For all these years leaving in so many and culturally different countries I always had IKEA by my side. I’m saying this because I would always found exactly what I need doesn’t matter how big or tiny is the place I have to decorate. So, yes, obviously I went to IKEA and I set a budget of plus-minus 1000 AED to spend on this makeover. If the time doesn’t allow you to go to the store you can order online. Even better, right? IKEA page here.

For my closet

I bought around 5 types of stowages and anti-dust cover set.

SAMLA transparent stowages. I just love them(!). These multi-porpose stowages you’ll find super useful for the closet or elsewhere you need. I bought 2 big and 2 small of these transparent stowages that allows me to see the content of each. So I set apart the skirts in one, tops and blouses in other one and the last 2 stowages I kept for clothing that I divided by colors: whites and blacks. That made instantly my life so much easy.

SVIRA textile stowages, those in cream colours – perfect for delicate and soft clothing. The small versions of SVIRA are good to stow the underwear, stockings, scarfs,  swimwear (so you won’t lost them how always happens to me) etc. SKUBB are another series. I have them in black as in picture below – I personally found them perfect to stow  stuffs like bedding, blankets or any other clothes you don’t use often. So I packed the bedding and blankets in it an moved everything up there on the highest shelf. PLURING – are the set of 3 clothes cover that keeps your tuxedos or your husband suits clean. Protects them from dust. Definitely a must have!!!

For my bags and makeup

I bought the KALLAX 77×147 cm (295AED) in gloss white (to match with my white bedroom furniture that I bought guess from where? Ikeaaaa 🙂 ) – it is literally the dream come true. Stylish solution to all my problems :))

The most versatile bookshelf you’ll ever have. Promise you! Place it horizontally or vertically, in bedroom or studio it will integrate easily and nicely into your space. Giving you my word  –  it will look chic and you’ll do most of it. You can fill it with your accessories as I did with my bags, hats, deco pieces or you can place the stowages in there. If you have any objects that you don’t want to keep loose or to protect from the dust I can suggest to place them in a paper container and to fill in this KALLAX bookcase.

I love particularly TJENA and STUNSIG ones, they look very arty. Or you can use any other soft holders or even the accessories from the gardening division that can be used to keep your skincare, fragrances on your vanity table.

For my shoes

This is my favourite part and I am so proud on how all this makeover project turned. As the number of my shoes is higher than the days in a year I had to find something to save the space and fit in that tiny corner. Ladies,  meet BILLY and GERSBY two of my best friends. Two bookshelves that can be used as open shoes stowage.

I found it the most easiest, fastest and affordable solution to solve the loose shoes problem.  And if your shoes collection is really, really big like mine. Here I have one more recommendation that comes from Sergiu @sergiuciub one of my follower that were watching my live stories of  this wardrobe transformation. He suggested to ad extra shelf in between those standard in order to stow even more shoes.

BILLY 80x237x28 (260 AED) the one @sergiuciub shared with me.
GERSBY 60×180 cm (85 drhAED) the one I have at home.
Billy Shelf 30 AED

This is my wardrobe makeover that took me just one day and less than 700 Aed. Probably the most well spent money ever. Initially I thought I will exceed the budget but at my surprise I managed to save some cash and get the maximum results.

Now I have a surprise my dears. I am very excited to announce that after sharing my project with IKEA Team – they have agreed to offer you my readers a coupon of 1000AED. So my lovelies you have a chance to  refresh or redo your space before going on Holiday :P.  If you are so excited as I am right now to participate in this awesome project find me on Instagram @ReinventYourself and follow all the instructions. Good Luck and I hope you have found useful my little wardrobe project and all the recommendations.

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