Travel Check-list to Pack Like A PRO

It took me almost 5 years to become a Pro when it comes to get ready for a flight. For almost 5 years I was living basically on my suitcases. You can ask or challenge me on any subject regarding Travel I am here to give a hand.  You are probably wondering why so little content reflecting my crazy non-stop travels  here on blog. Such a good question! I was busy travelling instead of documenting. That’s why I never had time to put my adventures online. If you are not following me on Instagram yet 🙂  you probably haven’t discover what a Globtrotter I am?! 🙂 Having such a great opportunity to work for an Airline Company I have been to so many places that I  could have enough content to become a Travel Blogger  :)) However I believe travelling is not the only one requirement to be  Travel Blogger. Such a person has to explore places like famished and I am kind of lazy explorer. Nonetheless travelling every other two days made me kind of expert of Travelling, especially when it comes to pack. I believe a nice trip depends on how good you had prepare yourself, your carry on and cargo bags. Here are some important advices to pack  smart your carry on bag in order to be ready to all flight phases. Just few little but so important things that can turn your flight in a pleasant journey.

Divide all you need to take with you in 6 categories:

1.Essentials (docs, passport, insurance, keys, reservation).

2.Substance – take away some snacks to avoid any starvation in case of delay or similar situations. I call it Survival Kit (nuts, energy bar. Buy water after you pass the security control otherwise they will take it away from you) :).

3.Comfort – everything that can make you feel better and cozy (pj, socks, cashmere scarf, neck pillow). If you are sensitive to smell, noise etc. – put in the earplugs (I strongly recommend the wax ones), get some pillow spray for some aroma therapy, etc.

4.Health – you are in a happy travel moods and might not think that many things could happen. Put few medicine in your carry on for stomachache, pain cramps, food poisoning, burning shell and sanitiser – just in case.

5.Enterteinment – whatever makes you feel happy and relaxed (book, ipad, magazines). The Airlines, such as Emirates have a substantial InFlight Entertainment with latest movies, music, audio books, news and games. You might spend all the time in the lounge though.

6.Beauty – the nr.1 thing you have to do on the flight is to take care of your skin as the environment is very dry. Pack the ultra hydrating moisturisers, the make up remover wipes, the sheet facial(and hand) masks, water spray, the face oils. Before landing you’ll might need to make yourself pretty – pack hair and cosmetic products (dry shampoo, comb, travel mirror) and some staffs for hygiene such as mouth freshener, deo, toothbrush. perfume.

Luckily I found this printable checklist on Pinterest for you guys. To make your life easy 🙂 This Travel Checklist contains all the essential that you need to have at 30 thousand feet or above. Follow it when you are packing and I am sure you are going to have an enjoyable flight.




The keys, cash, credit card (for duty free ~_~) are the Essential to pack in your carry-on bag. Always Remember to keep the documents (and medicine if you are on treatment) with you in case your bag will be place in cargo. I suggest to use a documents pouch to put all of them together along with your passport and boarding pass. Don’t forget where you put your car or house keys. Once when we where flying to Rome my husband forgot the key of our car (that was in Italy) back in Dubai. Imagine the hustle! Keep always your essentials closer to you during the flight. I have seen so many times people tacking by mistake(or not) someone’s else bag.



Get some water in the Airport to take away on a plane. You might get the window seat and get stuck for so many hours next to sleeping passengers. Aircraft is a very dehydrated invoirment. Keep drinking water. Carry a flask or water bottle.The cabin crew will refill it for you instead offering you just a glass of water. If can I slightly suggest  you to moderate the alcoholic drinks as they can cause a bad headache and dehydration as the Alcohol is 4 times stronger in the plane at 40 thousands feet altitude. It is good to have some snacks like nuts or energy bars to keep you alive between the services. Every two hours stretch your legs a little bit, have a walk is good for your blood circulation.


A pair of socks and a fluffy blanket will make you feel cozy, relaxed and sleep like a baby o a plane. On a long flights you won’t survive without a blanket. It is very cold. The temperature in the jet is never above 20-22 C.  The reason behind is that the blood circulation tend to drop because of the pressure and lack of Oxygen. Last but not least. Make sure you pack some earplugs. Your-next  one (or even someone  5 rows behind) can snore like a granpa’ and you don’t want to miss your sleep on a night flight.



Make a habit to pack a sanitiser where else you go. You’ll need it, believe me. So many people around in such a small space it is just a perfect germs environment. As per medicine I would suggest to pack some Brufen or similar anti-inflamathory as the only one medicine the crew have for pain or cold is the Panadol (or Tramal that is for very serious injuries which won’t be administrated without the Doctors permission). As the Panadol doesn’t helps me much I always carry  my own medicine that I know works for me.


Whatever you are going to put in the seat pocket – earplugs, iphone charger, passport – remember to stow it  back in your cabin bag. Usually Cabin Crew will start to prepare the cabin 40 minutes before landing that is your time to start your makeup and then to check and place back everything your took into the plane. My husband forgot the Bose earplugs twice on a plane. That cost us the total price for a ticket.



Here I can talk hours but you don’t have time and I’ll point just the important things here. Remember when I said the Aircraft is a very dry environment and you have to keep drinking water. So complementary to that pack and don’t be shy to use later the sheet masks for face or lips during the flight. Just few to recommend are the Starskin’s brand for their bio-cellulose masks because they don’t tend to dry immediately. Oleva lips bio-cellulose masks is good as well. Additional to that  put in your bag  any Argan, Calendula or other face oils. The oil keeps your skin moisturized. It creates a barrier between the skin and the aircraft air. I like to use on a plane the travel size versions of the skincare I usually use at home. If you don’t have them  you may alternatively  use the small cosmetic containers  to put a little bit of you skincare product to use later on a plane. You can find plenty of cosmetic containers  at Daiso.



Safe and enjoyable flight!

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