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The shortest story to my Floral Obsession

Rewinding few facts and memories to better understand where in first place I felt so much into patterns. Particularly into F L O R A L S. I grew up next to a forest (1). All my summer holidays I was hanging at my grandparents in the far-from-all-village (2). At age of 10 I was studding “belle arte” – Β my homework were composed by landscape drawings, “nature morte” and abstract work(3). For an urban child I believe I was beautifully and deeply connected with the Nature compare to any other child in my city (and compare to the lack-of-green situation of where I do live right now) and this is probably the shortest explanation to myΒ floral obsession. Β Obsession that was humorously kicked by other people or peacefulΒ digested by my best friend that was from completely other fashion tribe at some point. Just before she converted me to “Nirvana-Metalica-style”. The Florals survived somehow that era and here they are blooming on my blog every two days πŸ™‚ Can’t help myself (literally).

Wearing: Femi9 Β jumpsuit and necklace, Prada sandals, Zara bag, Daniel Wellington watch (get 15%off+free shipping with my promo code “Nicoleta” that expires by the end of August).

Phtoto: Marina Andrenucci @Marinandrenucci

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    Simplement Lui
    7 August 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Fantastic outfit! And perfect fit with those impressive heels!

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