The Lipsticks that make me cry

If you don’t have enough reasons to cry on Monday here are few lipstick that will do the job.

To have a big voluptuous lips come with sacrifice nowadays. ย You don’t have to go necessarily for veryย extreme methods like botox/fillers…needles. Maybe this post can make change your idea and chose the ย alternatives which are very inexpensive compare to surgeries and botox.ย ย There are few very angry lipsticks on the market that within seconds will make your lips look fuller. ย I have tried (and cried) two of them and ย I can promise you that despite the tingling sensation both lipsticks are safe to use. Yes the burning and tingling sensation is very intense and you feel it in within seconds but here is the other side of the whole experience – If you never understood what masochism means – now you can experience on your own ๐Ÿ™‚ Too Faced LIP INJECTIONย GLOSSSYย ย is the one that I prefer more compare to the same brand “extreme” version. I can handle a little of suffering at a time let’s keep the Too Faced Lips Injection Extreme maybe for later :)) If you really need a little volume you can try the extreme first. I like the “glossy version cos it gives that juice, plumping look that I really really love. The texture is very thick and sticky. It will literally stick on the lips, eventually on your friends hair but is not a big deal cos you’ll have a lot of product remaining on the lips anywhere. Even if you drink or eat the product last really long and smells heavenly – milkshake. You are wondering how the lips get fuller, right? Yes, they look fuller but not wider. I have noticed more volume and more colour. The lips due to itchy, burning sensation become reddish.

The other partner in crime is the GlamGlow PLUMPRAGEOUS matte lip treatment extreme this time. Yes, I can immediately feel the difference when I apply the extreme version of these kind of ย “lip injection” lipsticks. The sensation is very very intense. For about 5 minutes you can’t think about anything else. The lips are burning (with cooler sensation at the same time) exactly how they burn when you accidentally eat the chilly pepper or any spicy Thai food. I remember my first trip to Thailand was all about my Angelina Jolie lips that I was showing after each meal:)) The extreme Plumprageous from GlamGlow is a good lip primer actually. I feel my lips more soft and hydrated after the tingling sensation is gone. Any other lipstick that I apply on after the treatment looks ย very vivid and stays longer. All the benefits of this lipstick you feel them only after 8-10 minutes – the freshness and the softness of the lips. I love the packaging as well. It looks like a sophisticate lab tool (to avoid any leaks). The only features that I not really understand is that the applicator has a bare space that hold way too much product and it is not that smooth while applying on lips.


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    Amy's Fashion Blog
    24 January 2017 at 1:25 am

    Sounds like a wonderful product.

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    24 January 2017 at 6:32 am

    I have tried lip plumpers before and was not a fan then(this was years ago) they all burned a bit too much. great reviews though.

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