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At first look of these pictures you might think I am in the Cinema lying  down comfy in an egg-shape chair enjoying back and foot massage. Well I am not in the Cinema but you were close if I think about how enjoyable and relaxing was my experience at the Ibtisama Smile Lounge. Only if you experience a session at Ibtisama you would understand why they called themselves Lounge.  Yes it is about teeth whitening but don’t try to find any connection with traditional clinics. The concept is totally different. Ibtisama created a whole New Age experience based on your comfort and your little time. You go for a whitening session and you get all the relaxing treatments in one place – like back and foot massage (YES, both at the same time :P), you can watch a movie on 3D  glass, you can charge your phone and you can go on a date after with your shiny white teeth :ppp

I am not an expert to explain you in details the ingredients but for a little I know all the products are safe and free of any harmful ingredients. You have to know a thing here. I got very-very sensitive teeth. I was avoiding my entire life all kind of whitening treatments and I go to the Clinic only when I have to or when is late. My very recent experience at Ibtisama  have changed my entire idea of teeth whitening process. First is 100% organic and safe and the products are very good and clean(here I mean that they are not containing any aggressive or harmful ingredients, they are Peroxide Free and Enamel safe). Secondly nooo pain at all. Last but not least –  the treatment is fast. Time factor is something extremely important for me and I guess for you as well. Basically it takes the same time you would spend at the beauty salon doing your nails. They offer 3 packages you can choose from – Express Class (for maintenance, 2-3 shades whiter). Silver Class treatment  is designed to fight against stains caused by food, coffee and tea, smoking without harming your teeth. It takes around 35 minutes in total done in 2 steps – first 20 min then the product is changed and it is applied new one again for other 15 min. The Gold VIP Class t- the one I did – takes around 1 hour and can whiten your teeth up to 5 to 7 shades.

For a longer brighter smile and a good teeth hygiene – Ibtisama recommends –  their retail products as a daily routine. I have talk about the Home Whitening stripes few week ago. You can read the review here – HOW TO WHITEN YOUR TEETH AT HOME

If you need any consultation or information about the Ibtisama various packages or  promotions visit their website or just give them a call +971 54 493 3232 / web: /e-mail /Location: Abu Dhabi Mall, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi.

Photo: @MarinAndrenucci

Now here’s a question for you – Have you seen me smiling and laughing like that before? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Chai Chen
    7 March 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Your smile is contagious, dear! Keep on smiling Nico 🙂 Love your posts always!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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