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Return part II

With all the rush and crisis of our times can happen ย to feel that the ย life you’re living is keeping you in a kind of black hole. Everything you are trying to do seems gone with the wind…and you heart rooms more emptiness than ever…Well when you can’t change (and that seems to be the case almost all the times) the fact that you are close in four walls room the only thing is to change your attitude towards those walls. But How? The answer is always with you. Believe! I learnt a thing when I was little girl (of a parent that were fighting all the times). If you are not able to ย be the first one to give a hand to yourself no one will do. So disconnect from what put you down, take a week and go back to the place gave you everything you will ever need – the integrity. Go back to your roots and stop rushing. Close your phone for a week, do what you haven’t in a long time – relax your mind. Breath fresh air and observe the beauty around you. Connecting with nature is what a modern man need. Once you are reconnected with the power and the wisdom of Nature, of the Universe nothing can destroy you again. Have a peaceful Return.



Editorial by: Marina Andrenucci โ€“ photo @marinandrenucci and Chiara Andrenacci โ€“ hair and makeup @naccimakeupartist

Thousands Thanks to Marzia and Maurizio Andrenucci for offering this beautiful location โ€“ Fermo, Italy.

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