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Return part I

One week of cloudy and rainy weather in Dubai put me on nostalgic-maditation mood. My mind took me back in time when I was a child and used to spend all of my time in the forest playing with my childhood friends. The Forest was the Place of Happiness and Joy for me in very first place.

I went to school. The lessons of Biology, Science of Nature and Geography push me to explore that forest with new curious eyes and to bring half of it ontoย my parents balcony. I own close to hundred bottles for each plant or flower until the ceiling got covered by dozen of cocoons and ย first butterflies where born there. My had to stop my hilarious passion.

Forest was the place of long walks and confidence talks with my best friend. Place where we took the first pictures and where my friend start doing her shootings that made her follow photographer career.

Place where my solitude, sorrow, uncertainty found home when no one was there to listen.

Place of firstย emotions, of first kiss and first secrets.

Place of True I, true me – no mask, no layers, no rush, no excuses. The place where you are nude in front of true values, truth and purity.

Everyone has such a place or the memory of it. Return to the roots, to the true self is the necessary detox from all the political, marketing, consumerism and rush contamination of modern society. Wish you a peaceful return, my dear.



Editorial by: Marina Andrenucci – photo @marinandrenucci and Chiara Andrenacci – hair and makeup @naccimakeupartistย 

Thousands Thanks to Marzia and Maurizio Andrenucci for offering this beautiful location – Fermo, Italy.

Weating: Bershka metalic dress, Benetton sweater, Zara boots&coat.

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    18 February 2017 at 3:16 am

    I love how you layered that dress!

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