The POREfessional army from Benefit

Three Best products from Benefit that keep your badass pores clean and hidden all day long. Check out the new released The POREfessional products.

Hi guys. The weather here in Dubai is changing very fast. The sun is stronger and I can feel that the heat breaks into my face already. I have a badass pores and with the heat they tend to enlarge more, help me Lord. Benefit POREfessional is my holly grail product when it comes to cover the pores on my nose area.  I’ve been using it for ages until one morning I realised that the balm were missing from my beauty case. I’ve lost it probably in the hotel room somewhere in this world. Then I got a mini sample of the same product with a fashion magazine and it was a fantastic fit into my beauty essentials small case that I was carrying into my aicraft/cabin bag…until one morning it was lost again. Maybe because it is small and easy to loose….or everyone know how good this  products is and it was “accidentally -removed” from my beauty pouch, who knows?  (Tell me if you won’t become paranoiac in this situation?). POREfessionals is a pro balm that minimizes the appearance of pores. Has a dual-action to prime and touch-up during the day. Contains Vitamin E (derivative know to protect skin from free radicals). Is a very nice lightweight primer with silky finish and very smooth matte texture, great as a make-up base. Covers the pores, fine lines and is oil free. I love the translucent finish it leaves on the face. I use it on nose area mostly and I blend it with fingertips to make sure  all problem area is covered. You can use it for all the face, in this case the foundation brush would do better to smooth the product over moisturized skin. If the pores come out of hiding you can pad a tiny bit of pore balm delicately even over the makeup.

This month Benefit launches a new product which is kind of evolved version of the pore balm – the POREfessional  Matte rescue. It  is a mattifying gel, blueish in colour, water based and very light. Absorbs fast and you literally don’t feel it on you skin that how lightweight is this new product. Basically gets the invisible finish. Plus does absorbs instantly the excess oil and leaves a natural-looking matte finish. You just can’t imagine how excited I am about the oil control feature. Seems like Benefit heard my prayers. I really needed a prime base that gives the matte finish and absorbs the nasty oil.  Now you will be wondering which of those products you better choose? Guess what?! You don’t need to choose one of them. You can use both of them. A thin layer of Matte Rescue is perfect base over freshly cleansed face. Then a tiny bit of The POREfessional balm on the top of it, in the problem area you want to focus more, will improve and boost the silky look  with complete preparation of the skin for makeup application.

Last but not least, Benefit came out with a very fancy cleansing mask for all kind of badass pores. The  POREfessional Instant Wipeout Masks is a box that contains 8 super cleansing masks that works as a wipeout mask. The cleansing serum contains mushroom extract known to clarify pores. Once you open the foil you’ll find inside a special textured fabric woven from cottony fibers and the green container of the serum which looks like a bubble. Press firmly on plastic bubble to completely release pore serum and saturate the mask sheet then apply  on the problem area nose, forehead or chin. Leave it for 10 minutes. When you take it off use the other side to wipe off pore-problem area. Don’t rinse. After twice/week use expect to find your skin cleaner in the problem area, pores more tighten and the skin smoother.

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