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Street Style: SS2017

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Valentine’s Fairytale

We wanted to create a little Fairytale for you where you can get inspired for Magic stories this Valentine’s.…

My Style

Love is in The Air

Tell me – What gives you wings than makes you fly? What put you down, make you angry, hopeless? Then next day suddenly everything is in Pink colours and you feel butterflies in your stomach.…


Rimmel London #GoMadGoMatte Challenge

When “Reinvent” is not just a word and makeup is not just a pretty face. Two Nicoleta(s) put their creativity at work and battle the Rimmel London #GoMadGoMatte Challenge.…

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Back to jeans

Here is a little joy. Wearing jeans never were such a Happy moment like it is now. I was banned from high heels and jeans (or any tight clothing) for some health issues that luckily are leaving me in…


KIKO Milano

I loved Kiko Milano so much back in time when I used to live in Italy. It was my favourite place for the best deals. Even the full price products were the best option to what other brands were…

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Sassy sandals

“I believe the right accessories can refresh the entire wardrobe”…