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Street Style: SS2017

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Last chance for leather jacket

This is probably the last chance to wear a leather jacket in Dubai before hanging it in the closet till next year. This is one of those pieces that will stick to your wardrobe regardless the fashion trends.Β …

My Style

The beauty of the Mountain

Take a trip to somewhere you have never been before and let it go all the old energy you carriedΒ Β so far. Embrace the new beauty that surrounds you and make worth it every single moment of this journey.…

My Style

I will rather wear risky combinations

Trousers + Dress? This is completely new for me and as any out of the box combination – can be totally risky. It is but I will thousands time try risky combinations than to be hundred times boring.Β …


Backstage tour at Bedouin show

Reinvent Yourself took a backstage tour atΒ Bedouin – the most favourite show of this Fashion Forward Fall 2017 edition. Because there is no similar and high-tense atmosphere at a fashion show as before the lights go up on the…

My Style

Bedouin Girl

Two weeks ago we took a day out to go somewhere. We’re all living in a very busy times and taking just a little time all together is something unusual for us. Shame to say that but is true.…

Fifty Shades of Red

Arancil Paris Rouge Mat

Spring mood is when you look for something new. I have tried probably all the Reds lipsticks of the famous cosmetic brands so far and was definitely easy to review one of those here. But I was feeling to…

My Style

Free Like a Bird

Fashion is meant to make usΒ look different – in a good way of course. To make us look pretty, sexy, rich, cool or anything you can imagine. But sometimes you don’t want just to Look pretty or different…you just…

My Style

Big match

Quick trip to Abu Dhabi turned into photo shooting once we reached the Souq Central Market. We got inspired by the theme of this building that was totally matching my outfit :))Β …


Couple Goals

With a reason (Women’s Day) or not it is so nice to have a couple shooting time to time. We are so blessed having Marina – my sister-in-law Β for a little vacation here in Dubai (hopefully she will decide…