Fifty Shades of Red

Street Style: SS2017

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Smiling out loud

At first look of these pictures you might think I am in the Cinema lying Β down comfy in an egg-shape chair enjoying back and foot massage. Well I am not in the Cinema but you were close if I…


Morning Beauty Routine

Tacking care of your skin is something fundamental. It is like eating everyday. You can skip this right? Generally the minimum of two beauty routines you have to have every day. One in the morning when you just woke…

My Style

Satin Rouge

Here is the Reinvention of the Red-Riding-Hood: A Modern and Stylish one. Definitely Confident and bold (how to survive otherwise?). The wolf must be in danger this time.…


Cleanse and nourishing serums from BarΓ© Alchemy

Since I start full-time adventure of blogging my life become even more busy compare to my previous hectic job&lifestyle. Hardly I would find time to pamper if not my beauty reviews brakes πŸ™‚ Happily the rainy-cloudy phenomenon weather in…

My Style

Under The Bridge

GO STRONG or Go Home! (What else on a super windy weekend we had in Dubai?)…

My Style

Return part III

Close your eyes for a second or two. Try to remember what, when, who makes you feel stronger and fearless.…

My Style

Return part II

With all the rush and crisis of our times can happen Β to feel that the Β life you’re living is keeping you in a kind of black hole. Everything you are trying to do seems gone with the wind…and you…