Middle East Bloggers x Swarovski Editorial

Swarovski Girls of Middle East in one breathtaking editorial featuring various fashion designers collaborations of Swarovski in the region.

The Swarovski shootingย it is the first important projectย I had a chance to be part of as a blogger. To have such a famous and luxurious brand and such a big team to look after me and my fellows bloggersย was sort of “dream come true” for me. I love meeting people while working on projects or events. You have a chance to know each other better ( in real life you can sense all those human, beautiful emotions that Instagram won’t show ever, to make friends, to share moments you won’t enjoy ’em if you were alone out there. The whole experience was so intense. I was sleeping literally few hours here and there as preparation for shooting were starting early in the morning, around 4 am. And guess what?! I am ready to do that again. Here you have all the pictures, enjoy them and keep an eye on us. Many surprises are on the way. Kisses,



SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s01 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s04 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s05 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s09 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s11 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s07 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s13 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s10 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s03 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s17 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s14 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s12 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s08 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s16 SWP_TR_Issue5_Neo_Arabia_iPad_Portrait_s15 Swarovski x Reinvent Yourself2

Photographer: Tanya Aranautov
Stylist: Vasil Bozhilov
Hair & Makeup: Anne Sofie Schmidt Bergtrup

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