Life is Full of Surprises. Open them slowly

My Little Pleasures is an exquisitely crafted themed box, filled with an array of the season’s must-haves. Each month the surprise box brings a selection of beauty products, accessories and amazing illustrations that you can keep them on your desk for daily inspiration and motivation.

I am sure you have been heard about beauty or glossy boxes that delivers the beauty samples to try out at your door step. My Little Pleasure is slightly different from the other beauty products boxes as has a different theme every month. It contains specific to the theme products and samples not only beauty goodies. The contents are secret snd revealed only when the boxes start getting delivered, around the 20th of every month. Usually the box will contain: at least 1 full size and 2 to 3 samples of the season’s latest beauty products, 1(set) fashion or lifestyle accessory, 1 illustrated item from the My Little Pleasures collection and additional surprises based on each month’s theme

My Little Pleasures for May month was Fit&Fabulous. Couldn’t be better! As I was travelling all the way to Italy from Dubai the box made a great fit for my Holiday activities as it contains the products I need it. An Old Latin proverb says: “Mens sana in corpore sano” which means healthy mind in healthy body. Beauty comes with a good hydration and good health. The content of the May’s edition of MLP box was designed in a way to motivate you to drink more water, to eat healthier, to be more active, to take care of you skin and body and look fab. Let’s go through the Fit&Fabulous goodies:

My Little Pleasures Box0

My Little Pleasures BOX

Before starting the description of the surprises I’d like to say that the box itself is a piece of art. Love the illustration on the top and the reverse of the box. I am gonna use it to stow my beauty products and keep it on my vanity table. Awww, and the  illustration card is so beautiful and has the Shakespear quote on it :). That will go right on my desk as you can guess.

My Little Pleasures Box3


Nothing puts your deodorant to the test like a 2-hour spinning class or twerking off to a marathon of Beyoncé hits. Working up a sweat without any of the stench is why you need a Vichy Anti-Perspirant Deodorant in your closet and gym bag. // Available at all major retailers and pharmacies.

My Little Pleasures Box1


Ever noticed how stunning your skin looks after a good workout? Adrenalin and endorphins do wonders for your mood and your skin. Keep that glow lasting longer by using dermalogica precleanse wipes after your fitness sessions. This oil-based cleanser creates a milky emulsion that effortless removes oil, sweat, makeup and pollutants allowing your cleanser to work even more efficiently. The result is cleaner, smoother and nourished looking skin. //Available at Dermalogica stores, Esthetic Sense and major pharmacies across UAE.

My Little Pleasures Box2


Only launching this April across the UAE, I am amongst the first lucky ladies to use this exquisite mascara. Designed with a unique formula, it’s the first Rimmel mascara that gradually tints lashes while giving you instant volume and impact. Volume Colourist Mascara reveals darker, more impactful lashes – with and without mascara! I will post a full review of Volume Colourist Mascara and other Rimmel London latest releases on next days. Stay tuned. // Available at Lifestyle, Max, Boots and Carrefour.

My Little Pleasures Box8


If there’s one cosmetic innovation that we are eternally grateful for it’s Dry Shampoo! A generous sprinkle and a quick scalp massage of Batiste Dry Shampoo and your hair is left refreshed and full of body and texture. By adapting to your hair’s needs it gives dull, lifeless hair a complete makeover without using water, making every day a fabulous hair day. I use it for those moments when I don’t have time to wash my hair that is getting so oily with my crazy lifestyle and busy job. You go on the plane with nice and clean hair and then you have to wash it after the flight as the hair absorbs all the dust and residual from the recycling air. To be realistic you can’t wash it every time you want. The dry shampoo will always save those moments drying off all the oily and grassy appearance of a dirty, dull hair. //Available at Boots pharmacy.

My Little Pleasures Box9 My Little Pleasures Box11


Whether you want to shed some pounds, have more energy or even just to detox, Right Bite helps you achieve your goals easily. Their team of chefs and dietitians create customized nutritious & wholesome meals that are delivered fresh to you daily.

My Little Pleasures customers receive a discount by using the promotional code found in the box.

My Little Pleasures Box10

HAIR TIES by My Little Pleasures

The super cute elastic hair ties are just what you need to keep your hair where it should be during your workouts, they won’t pull or snag your hair and can also be worn as bracelets in between ponytails. As you can see I do always the contrary. I do wear them as bracelets :))) Looks so good all together on my wrist. :):p

My Little Pleasures Box6

GLASS WATER BOTTLE  by My Little Pleasures

The slender bottle design, with its vibrant easy-to-grip sleeve is perfect for your favourite juice, tea, smoothie or for water. Love to fill it with fresh seasonal fruits and lemon slices. It is ideal for those who live an active lifestyle, or spend a lot of time on the go like me 🙂

My Little Pleasures Box12My Little Pleasures Box13

As you can see, My Little Pleasures are not selling a box with samples. They are delivering and experience with a beautiful story behind it. A box of little pleasures any women would be happy to reward herself with.

Stay Fit and Fabulous,


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