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Let me take you to my Beauty World with this post. Asian Beauty products are my O M G category. I became skincare addicted once I have tried Asian skincare brands and Innisfree was one of them. This are actually the origins of my passion for beauty and skincare. I’ve been travelling so often to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore that I became kind of expert of the worth products and I really hope you can benefit from this post and I most probably will start a blog category reviewing the Asian Brands that I am using. That actually would be a good idea as many of you start being curious about Asian Beauty brands. I remember back in time, 6 years ago when I was talking to my Italian or Romanian friends back home they would arched they brows having no clue about what is “mask sheet”, “snail moisturizer”, “cognac sponge”, “seaweed ingredients” etc. I remember their childish giggles when I’ve shown them the hand creams that are coming not in a ย common tubes but in little “toys” ย similar to Tony Moly :). In the past 2 years the Asian Beauty brands made it to USA and Europe thanks to Sephora. The other day at Middle East branch of Sephora during their Holiday gifts launch I was introduced to other few brands that are available now in their network and online (the .ae is working now by the way. Some of the brands you can find onย SEPHORA.AE ONLINE hereย ): SkinFood (God, this was my very first love), Dr.Jart+, Erborian (both yet to discover), TooCoolForSchool. So we have many many things to discuss, share, review here. Wolcome to my Asian Beaty Grail.


Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju. The Korean brand decided to have their Labs in the middle of natureย withย clear fresh air, soft warm sunlight, fertile healthy soil and pollution-free pure water. Now you can understand why I am so crazy about them, right? If you are not yet continue to read ๐Ÿ™‚

My number ONE to have from Innisfree are their Haaaand Creams. These little ones smells heaven and nourish the skin gorgeously. I bought these ย products last year in Hong Kong in their brand store and then re-bought them in Singapore Airport. Basically you can find them anywhere in Asian World. If you are skeptical to anything new to you and you don’t want to have any disappointment I would say go for hand creams. Try all of them in the store and buy all of them. You won’t regret it. I promise you! The Innisfree hand creams are the best sellers in their store (I believe). These small tubes are so pocket-friendly and Asian people are crazy for everything mini. I used to have one of each in all the pockets and all bags+cabin bag+suitcase when I used to fly. Why I said to try all of them in the stores because some of the latest releases are water-gel base and I am not very big fan of watery-gel products in general (I’ll come back for sure with an additional review on the latest releases). Somehow I learnt how and when to use them in order to not avoid this kind of formulas thanks to LANEIGE ย Water Sleeping Mask (I promise I’ll review this too for you).


Most of the Innisfree products includes Jeju volcanic or Green Tea (seeds as well) ingredients. The green tea is a very good anti-oxidantย and it is rich in amino acids. The Green Tea Cleanser here and the Green Tea Cleansing Foam are generally good. The Cleansing water is doing better than the foam in my opinion. I remember I was washing the face twice to get rid off the makeup until I created a 3 step cleansing routine(later I added the 4 step too :)) ). What I do now for an efficient makeup washing off ย is using first of all the makeup remover wipes to take away all the heavy makeupย then I go with cotton pad soaked in miscellar/cleansing water (What is Miscellar water?)ย to take what is left. The Cleansing will do its job afterwards and if anything is left I’ll use the makeup remover. I do mix the order of these steps depending on the makeup I have and on the products. If the product is not very strong (which is not necessary a bad thing – that means the product is not aggressive) or drying as it is this Green Tea Cleansing foam I’ll get little help of the makeup remover oil to fix everything. I have read some reviews about these two product in the past and after using them I have to say that if anyone complains about the specific smell that they have I would say to go for something less natural if you prefer the fragranced skincare. I personally like the natural smell of the skincare, don’t mind it unless it stinks, which is not the case here. If I can add another personal preference would be the design of the cleansing bottle. You don’t imagine how comfortable is this kind of system of pump-up lid. I believe it makes the product to last even longer. Mine literally exceed 6-8 months.


Here is my Geisha little white pot for sebum excess. I’ve been using it very often at the beginning. Especially during the flights where my skin tunes disco ball with magical sparkles starting on my forehead then sensually approaching my important (and from far away visible) nose. So this was my magic powder that will take me from disco ball-show-in-the-cabin moment to Gheisha-Forever. Apart of my silly jokes this little thing is a good powder to fade pad the sebum on your face. Of course won’t stop the sebum production (nothing actually can do that) but will help to keep you on decent esthetical level.

innisfree-haul4 innisfree-haul5 innisfree-haul6 innisfree-haul7 innisfree-haul8 innisfree-haul9 innisfree-haul10

Here is a broken-heart Glow Lipstick. Lovely lovely on the lips. My colleagues can confirme (saved so many of them on grooming checks…if you’re working for an airline you’ll know what I mean here). So this little glow lipstick has a savior role in my bag. Very creamy and nourish-y, lightweight and light as pigmentation. Love it for the colour and texture. The only one nay is that I managed somehow to dismantle (hate this word) it. Now when I’m opening itI am not sure what part of the opening I’ll get.

Here is the fun part. The little samples you are going to see below are some of the gifts that Innisfree are giving away with any purchase. More you buy more samples you get to try and the products are usually from the latest releases.

innisfree-haul11 innisfree-haul13 innisfree-haul15 innisfree-haul16

Its was a bit of a long talk and some descriptions here but I truly hope you can benefit from my reviews.If you have any questions or impressions, please, don’t be shy, put them here. I’ll be happy to read them.

Have a great weekend,


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