How to sell your wardrobe on Shedd App

When your wardrobe is taking more than half of your home space and your husband can’t control himself telling everyone that he has only 2 drawers to stow his clothes compare to you – you got a problem! Like me ๐Ÿ™‚ Today I’m going to tell you where you can shed your wardrobe and how to do that better than your neighbour. ย I have talk about Shedd App a month ago and I have promised to come back with tips on how to use it at best. For those who haven’t read my previous article Shedd is an app to buy, sell and swap your wardrobe (Read: Don’t waste your wardrobe. Shedd it ). The Application is absolutely free to use and is very easy to use on any smartphone. Download the Shedd App here. ย Easy busy. To take a picture of an itemย is not a big deal nowadays. However the way you selling your clothing ย can result in good cash or complete waste of your time. Here are my tips for better results when you use Shedd App to sell your new or preloved items that you are not using anymore.

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1. Take good pictures

Remember a good picture can save thousands of words. Try to take the pictures of your items during the day. The daylight will do all the work for you. Use plain background with no patterns. Doesn’t mean you can’t use some items like a vase or drawing to give a glam touch to your picture. You can use a table, sofa, wall, carpet as background. But, please, avoid the floor when it comes to garments. No one want to buy or wear something from the floor. Shoes are the only exception to that. Some items will require more space. In order to get them in full length you gonna need to place them on a hanger, hall stand or anything you can find that work for you. I was using my lamp at the beginning then my husband put a spike on the wall to stopย my everyday fight with the lamp device. ย After you hadย uploaded theย picture take few more. Your buyers will ask ย for more close-up pictures or the reverse of the items, the details or the pattern, fabric of the items etc.


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2. Use the #Hashtags

You are not the only one smart girl in the city. There are lot of fashion addicted people out there and you picture might get lost in the gallery. Make sure you use the right and very common hashtags that describe the item, mention the brand and the condition the items is #black #brandNew or #goodcondition #shoes #size36 Location #Dubai and so on.


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3. Mention The Box

When you are selling expensive or luxury brands (especially the new or in good condition) make sure you mention that the item has the original box, dust bag, authentic certificate or any other complementary thing, or if it comes with the tag etc. All these things will boost your sale.

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4. Share on Facebook or Instagram

Let know your friends, colleagues that your are selling your clothing. Tell them you are putting on Shedd App all your bags, or the shoes, winter clothes you are no longer use. As many people know about your plans/activities better is. They will send the message to their friends etc. I have talked to my colleagues aboutย it and guess what ?! After buying few items they have start sellingย their own clothes on Shedd. I have also shared the news with my Instagram friends and followers on @ReinventYourself (you might already saw my pictures with the girls that bought my Michael Kors bags) ๐Ÿ™‚

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5. The Right Price

At very first decide the price you wanna get for your item. Then explore the Shedd’s gallery to check where if your price fit the similar pieces of category. Don’t go too Low. You can change and mark down your clothes at any time. Your potential buyerย are gonna bargain and bargain be sure about that. They will ask you for ย a better price ย then eventually for the last price. That is the moment you can get your price lower. Give discount. People love discount. After you agree on the price fix the day and location to meet up. Shedd offers the payment via paypall and you can send out the item you sold. I do prefer to meet the people. It is always good to establish a live, face to face relationship. One happy people will bring you other 10 and I am sure you have many, many more items to sell out there.

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5. Invite Home

You can fix the meet-up location in your own place. If you have many clothes to sell it is always good idea if people visit your place and have a look of what else you have in your wardrobe. A lovely girl visit me 2 weeks ago and she left with 8 items (2 of them I have give her as a gift).

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6. Post Often

If you keep uploading often you definitely going to sell more. Once you place few items to sell on Shedd the girls are going to check your older posted items. This way your new item will serve as an attraction to your whole gallery/personal shop.

Shedd App7

7. Be Honest

Keep the truth as it is. Describe your items as they are. If they are brand new, say that, if they are used say that. People are checking Shedd App for good deals. They know the items might be used but they rather save good money and buy something in good condition instead spending onย new but expensive items. Other people will look for unusual and creative pieces or brands, etc.

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There is everything for everyone on Shedd App. And my mini shop there is open for all types of girls, sizes and preferences. I got new and used clothing, famous brands and anonymous, elegant/chic and sporty/casual even quirky stuffs. What else would you expect from a girl running Reinvent Yourself blog? :)) Check and buy my wardrobe on SHEDD APP.

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