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Sephora is the El Dorado of perfect gifts for her. Don’t get lost in the plenty of offers – check out my picks!


The Delicate Palette
Succumb to this incredible palette and its selection of 9 mattes and iridescent eyeshadows to captivate all eyes. From creamy beige to precious gold, through touches of colors such as intense black blue or pink taupe, this color palette will uphold her all year long!


Trio of Beauty Notebooks
This trio of convenient palettes features 10 shades adapted to every occasion. Each palette comes in a notebook format so itโ€™s easy to slip into handbag and convenient for travel. Each also features a built-in mirror and a selection of universally flattering shades for a natural or sophisticated look.

Daily Chic Palette:
– 6 eyeshadows in neutral shades
– 2 lip glosses
– 1 blush
– 1 bronzing powder

Working It Palette:
– 8 eyeshadows
– 2 highlighters

Ready for Tonight Palette:
– 6 eyeshadows
– 2 lip glosses
– 1 blush
– 1 bronzing powder

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Geometricolor Palette Blockbuster
A trendy and graphic palette that opens up to reveal 130 easy-to-wear colors with matte, satin, and shimmer finishes to create unlimited complete makeup looks.
Creates infinite looks with this blockbuster palette containing 130 shades! Now every day can inspire a new makeup experience. Two included tutorials make it simple to create the latest trends: the art of natural eyes and the art of contouring.

This set contains:
– 80 x 0.015 oz/ 0.42 g Eye Shadows
– 32 x 0.017 oz/ 0.48 g Lip Gloss
– 6 x 0.034 oz/ 0.96 g Cream Eyeliner
– 4 x 0.069 oz/ 1.95 g Brow Powder
– 4 x 0.073 oz/ 2.06 g Face Powder
– 4 x 0.073 oz/ 2.06 g Blush
– 2 x Tutorial cards

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