Beauty Fifty Shades of Red

Fifty Shades of RED

The Red Lipstick Relationship we have it is so similar to the connection that we have with our own hair. At some point of our life we start changing physically or spiritually. ย We can guess everything what’s going on in a woman’s life by analyzing her hair or the shade of Red she’s wearing.ย 



Do you remember when you start dying yourย hair lighter, darker, smoother, more provocative, intense. You wanted them healthier, voluminous, ย long lasting colour and so on. It is same story here with the Red lipstick and theย search for different shades of redย . You might hate the Red at some point (but you can’t ignore it) or even fight it on daily basis as I did for ages working in an Airline where the Red lip colour was the brand itself as the Red hat (you might guess by now about what Airline I’m talking about) and I had to wear it on each and single flight, every time!tumblr_o3q2sblrqa1srfi49o1_1280

I had moments along the way. I’ve been so many times unfaithful in this Relationship. I tried and yes (! if you ask) I liked…the darker shades at some point, then all the blushed tones which I found so lovely, so innocent, so cotton candy.ย  Then I ย went for some that gives me more live and colour – ย strong pink and cherry and orange and other hundred glossy things I indulged my lips BUT…I always, always went back to my RED. My first and only Love. Always intense. ย Always Red.ย Wherever ย road you’ll take to avoid or to get there ย – Red Lipstick – ย will always stay in the epicenter of your Beauty Consciousness.

What Shade of Red are you loving now? Or looking for?chanel-c-s-50364c4d7704e

I thought to do a little beauty project here and to share my all times favourite Red lipstick and other shades of it.Because Theย Red Lip is one of the fastest and easiest beauty fixes there is, but finding the perfect one to have and to hold forever is hard. Youโ€™ve got to think about your skin tone, lip texture and budget. Plus, not all lipsticks are created equal. Some of them have excellent ย colour but poor pigmentation. Others have both, but they leave your lips dry or the lipstick is gone after first cup of coffee you had in the morning. You also have to decide what kind of red lip youโ€™re into โ€“ are you bright or dark?


To help to shorten your search I’ll put as many as I can reviews on Red Lipsticks ย I come across in ย this new category “Fifty Shades of Red”.


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    every girl need the prefect red lipstick in there collection.

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