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Fashion Forward Dubai Day 2 I The Outside Show

As the StreetStyle and the Show outside the Shows became so popular nowadays I have selected the pictures from what was happening at the FFWD Day 2. See FFWD DAY 1 here.

If you compare (and that only if you have been in this industry for a while) to any Fashion event held let’s say 10 years ago you’ll find no similarities to how was attended before such an events. All the attention was focused on the collection and designers presentations only (and the fashion editors notes eventually). Nowadays ย withย social media the shows are not seen so precious anymore. The Fashion Weeks became a sort of opportunity to “make yourself known” (from what I observed during fashion events once again). Even on the most important shows you’ll see people tacking selfie of themselves on the catwalk background (Designers(!) don’t take any offence. ย Even Mona Lisa is not seen alone anymore. There are no tourist that queued to enter Louvre without tacking a selfie with Mona #NewWayToART ). You’ll see a bunch of people patrolling outside the show halls not necessarily ย queueing for the shows. They are part of the outside show – young designers, fashion influencers/ bloggers/enthusiasts, models, artists wearing ย fancy outfits, colourful mix and match ย from elegant toilettes to bizarre. There is room for everyone and any fantasy. (If you feel like wearing your shoe/or any item on top of your head is SAFE to do so during Fashion Week). God Forbid(!) you’re gonna try to wear that few days later. No judgments at all! I am 24/7 ย support for creative minds. When it comes to Fashion I believe that if ย you can ย stand out in a nice way on your random Tuesdayย not only on those Fashion Weeks that is for me a proof you got a style instead. It will take you longer to make yourself known – But! In long terms you’re gonna gain a credible solid reputation. Once again “Less is More” won in my everyday battle. We are exposed to so many tempting things, strategies, celebrities, anomalies and probably sometimes is not easy to stick to your values, choose your style, ย your idols/icons. If someone will ask me who do I prefer between Kim Kardashian and Huda Kattan I believe, you guys, know my answer.

I love the Fashion Week for the amount of inspirations you take away, for the nice people you meet, for the challenge and diversity. They are all part of the daily show and the Show must go on!


Show-goers from left:ย Rebecca @damselindesert, me (who is the 1st time on my blog), Paul @thestylechoreo,ย Neha @neha_style_diaries and Bettina @bettinamicuffwd-dubai-2016-day-224 ffwd-dubai-2016-day-223 ffwd-dubai-2016-day-222 ffwd-dubai-2016-day-220 ffwd-dubai-2016-day-218

This kid – Rashid (@talleno1) must to go big one day. I can see a talent in him while he’s enjoying in such an innocent way all this game. I’ll be waiting when he’ll be ready to take over the world



Creative squad here that made FFWD more colourful and spectacular for all of us.


Wearing: Trovea shirt-dress styled with Zara skirt over, Prada shoes, bag most probably from Shoe Mart,ย Daniel Wellington watch (discount code “DWNicol” to get 15%OFF), the earrings from Japan.

ffwd-dubai-2016-day-25 ffwd-dubai-2016-day-24 ffwd-dubai-2016-day-20

Happy kids – Neha @neha_style_diaries and Rebecca @damselindesert

ffwd-dubai-2016-day-29ย Who invented the TWIX was definitely thinking about this adorable sisters Suzana @suzanasaldi and Rawan @rawanasaldiffwd-dubai-2016-day-28 ffwd-dubai-2016-day-27

With my one and only Fatma Husan @fa6ma7sam – if I only I can choose her as my sister for the next life ๐Ÿ™‚


Bloggers friends – Paul @thestylechoreo and Dana @dee4dana


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    31 October 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Wowwww..lovely ?

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    Amy's Fashion Blog
    1 November 2016 at 2:11 am

    Sounds and looks like you had a lot of fun. Your earrings are too cute.

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    3 November 2016 at 6:32 am

    You look stunning
    Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee

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    Fashionable Streets
    10 November 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Awesome pictures & love your outfit!

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