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Fashion Forward 8 Edition I Day 1

The most waited and wanted Fashion event of Dubai is at its 8 Edition. Dubai Fashion Forward gathered many Arab and locals designers from Middle EastΒ region that are presenting their collection for the second or third time in a row. Few of them for their first time and I look forward to discover the new name in industry in these three days. The show-goers made my brows to vibrate again and again. Most of them in a pleasant way :)) Here you have a few pictures I took with Β the squad outside the show halls. The two shows I’ve been today a very romantic and feminine. You can see them scrolling down.


Talleno is a pure young artist. His creations made my heart melting everytime I see him exposing them on his and only self. You might think he is dressing like this for the sake of getting into the magazines or other reasons you are, my darling, wrong this time. This little kido is a pure talent and he is spending most of his time in Art Galleries to keep the inspiration high and alive. Keep up the good job, my little friend πŸ™‚


Wearing baby-blue slip dressΒ  from TROVEA on Day 1 of FFWD. Nothing can beΒ as good as aΒ very stylish and yet comfy dress. Have some medical issues this time and can’t wear any tight things at this point.


IF there is any LIFE on Mars we are ready to fly there :))

ffwd20167 ffwd20164

With the squad: Mary Grace (shoe Designer) she is wearing her puffy creations, The Fierce Walker (influencer), on my left Paul Ramos from (blogger).

maram2 maram3 maram0 maram4 maram1 maram5 maram6

MARAM is an absolute feminine poetry. For a woman that is not afraid of her beauty and fragility. The Sea colours and terra colours of the collection make me think about the dual nature of a woman – Strong and Fragile.


Here we have an exchange of roles. The Earth Colour team plays the “Bad Boys” squad and the Sea Colour team plays the “Good Guys”. Which team do you fancy? πŸ˜›

ffwd20168 ffwd20169 ffwd201611 ffwd201610kristina-fidelskaya1 kristina-fidelskaya2 kristina-fidelskaya5 kristina-fidelskaya6 kristina-fidelskaya3 kristina-fidelskaya4 kristina-fidelskaya8 kristina-fidelskaya10 kristina-fidelskaya9 kristina-fidelskaya11 kristina-fidelskaya13 kristina-fidelskaya14 kristina-fidelskaya15KRISTINA FEDELSKAYA come up with extremely elegant, feminine and powerful collection. The Designer follows the lines and the curves to highlight the beauty of woman’s body. No room left for atmosphere. Everything is cut with a reason. The colours are simple but powerful at the same time: white, metalic gold, very light green, very light red, beige. The source of this feminineΒ allure is must be the strongest qualities such as: ambitious, perfections, resistance, inner power.

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