Don’t Burn your skin like I did

One Lesson is never enough. I am live demonstration to that. 

2013/ Mauritius – I spent around one hour chatting with my colleagues while tanning on a gorgeous beach in Mauritius. If I put any sunscreen that only hour I shown up at Sun? None that I recall. Did I burn? My eyes are turning watery when I remember the conditions I flown back to Dubai. God!!! I was shivering the whole flight. Those were the most horrible 5 days of my life when I was covering myself in polythene bag as all clothing were painfully sticking to my skin.

2014/Seychells – It was a very cloudy day and I thought “Beahhh, No Sun, No Burn”. I’ll skip the story and I’ll just say if you ever happen to be on an island with no Sun – Put the damn sunscreen on. The clouds are just for decoration out there!

2017/Dubai – April. Sounds like to be a harmless month, right? Hell, NOoo!. Not in Dubai. Take a look at the picture – here below – this is what happen to me and this  is the visual record that I took for myself and put on my phone display. Yes, girl. Right there – to not ever forget what to pack in my travel case.  At least 5 tubes of sunscreen and after-sun lotions. Little description of them just scrolling below:

I remember it was kind of tradition to grab a Nivea sunscreen spray (as lower spf as possible, can youuu believe that???) whenever I was exposing to the Sun. Well, with some exceptions that I have documented at the beginning. My “Sunburn Performances” took me next level.  I have upgraded to a much sophisticated and really good sunscreen and of course with higher SPF percantage this time 🙂

Nuxe Paris SUN range – is my favourite brand when it comes to sunscreen products. I have one in 50 and other in 30 SPF. It help protect skin from  UVA and UVB rays and visible signs of sun-induced premature skin aging, activates the appearance of a natural tan (natural Carob Powder), moisturises (water Hyacinth) and soothes (Kau Pe Flower). LOVE IT for its delicious smells, creamy texture and vanilla yellowish colour.

Delicious Cream Hight Protection (anti-ageing cellular protection, sublime tan) for face 30SPF

Fondant Cream for Face High Protection (anti-ageing cellular protection, helps prevent dark spots) 50SPF

CAUDALIE Paris – another great brand that I prefer for sun protection. SOLEIL DIVIN 50SPF  is an anti-ageing face suncare. The patented grape polyphenols limit the damage caused by UVs, responsible for 80% of skin ageing. Blocks free radicals generated by UVAs and UBAs. Keeps the vital youthfulness of skin and cellular DNA. Hydrates.

LANCASTER – made the sunscreens epicentre of their brand. Their Sun Care range is impressive. I have used a bunch of the various fanciest products I found in Dubai. From tan preparer, creamy sunscreen foundation, drops foundations, to after-sun products.

 SUN SPORT (water&sweat resistance) spray 30 SPF – Invisible Mist for face and decolletes. What I like about the spray sunscreens is the quick and sticky free features.

Invisible Face Gel Matte Finish 30 SPF – Ideal for sport and outdoor activities, this new generation water&sweat resistant transparent face protection gel is just the solution for those on the go. Non-sticky and ultra silky texture smooths on easily, dries in a fas and leave absolutely no white marks and beautiful matte finish. Also gives ultra-broad FULL LIght Technologhy to give you all the protection you could ever want against all 4 sun rays – UVB, UVA, VISIBLE LIGHT, INFRARED.

Two skincare rule when you expose at Sun is to protect from the all 4 Sun rays. Step Two – to generously hydrate the skin after Sun exposure. The Lotions and Oils are something that you can find in abundance in drugstores, pharmacies or beauty departments. The product, ingredients and prices varies form just few dollars up to more pricy brands.

I have here Caudalie Paris Divine Oil (grape extract) and Refreshing after- sun lotion for face and body from NuXe Paris. Really good French products that have already finished. I bought recently new oil from NUXE – Huile Prodigieuse – the multi-purpose dry oil for all skin types enriched with botanical oils. Contains 98,1% natural ingredients and no silicones added.  This is just fabulous product as the oil absorbs in a blink and you can wear the clothes you love without worry that they’ll spot.

Another recent purchased for my skin hydration ritual is the Nourishing Body Lotion from Caudalie. Great anti-oxidant (grape Polyphenols and draining ginkgo biloba) and concentrated with moisturising active ingredients. This lotion leaves the skin soft, firmed and radiant. Perfect as After-Sun product. Contains 93% natural ingredients. Plant-based bottle. Against animal testing.  And my favourite part: No parabenes, phenoxyethanol, phtalates, huiles minerales, sodium laureth, sulfate, no animal source.

Hope this post helped you  to be 100% about the importance of using sunscreen and what products you can find on market. If you have any favourite product that are you using right now and you are happy about the results – please share with us.

Happy Holiday and Safe Tanning!


Photography Marina Andrenucci 

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