Don’t Barbeque your legs. Use The Tanning products.

38 Degrees outside and you are completely white like a freezed chicken in the supermarket. Even the tourist that are on short vacation in Dubai look more tanned than all us mixed together.  No panic, girl,  I found and tested 4 tan products on my legs and those few eggs that I found in the fridge (you know who ate them afterwords?)

Everything started few months ago when I got few tanning products from my friends. I had a skeptical reaction at the beginning (well, I always have it. Sorry mum, I’been a difficult kid to you). I was like “Man, how far the humanity went. We have lipsticks that make our lips plumped (see the review), the gold 24K skin masks (read here),  we start contouring even our boobs…and now we have all these variety of products that makes  even the Sun existence less necessary”. Then, few months later, I had a breakfast with Noreen Roth (from PeterThomasRoth, the luxuxry brand of blowing mind face masks that I had just mentioned above) at Burj Al Arab (well, yes we having breakfast in such places on daily bases here in Dubai :p 🙂 #kidding). She was wearing a white dress that was looking gorgeous on her tan skin. I couldn’t help myself and I ask what is her secret as a Girl Boss in managing the business trips and having  some “me” time at the beach. Here is the answer come to collapse all my idea about time management skills – she said she’s been using tanning products. Taa-naaa-aaa. I am probably the last human being discovering Americas.

It had to happen this to make my lazy ass to give a try to the tanning products finally – I got a sunburn few weeks ago (how wise is that with all sunscreens I have at home? – new review on the way) and the bra sing on my skin wasn’t the  fashionable option to have when you want to  wear an open back dress at an event. My “brilliant” solution was to cover the huge bra spot on my skin with anything that can colour it.

You don’t need such a dramatic situation to start using tanning products. They are great friends to relay on when you want to make a nice transition from winter pale skin to natural tan.  Here are the four of the best products on the market right now. They are all different and I will explain how each of them works and what are the final tint you can achieve.

Caudalie Divine Legs – Tinted body lotion for all skin tones/100ml ($38)

Shiseido Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion/150 ml ($35-38)

Madame LA LA Self Tan Mousse/200ml ($38)

Lancaster Sun Beauty with SPF6/200ml ($25)

I have divided 4 zones on my legs. On the upper to the knees I have applied on the left – Madame La La TAN, on the right the Shiseido Emulsion. From the knees to my feet on the left leg – Caudalie Divine Legs, and on the right Lancaster Tan Deepener.

From the picture you can see that the two product (Caudalie and Madame LA LA) applied on left leg are the darker compare to the other leg.

The Caudalie tinted body lotion has a golden tint finish. The  tinted body lotion is perfect for legs and body  for all skin tones.  Contains 93% natural ingredients, plus fragrance. The natural golden color blends easily and washes off with water at the end of the day. I kept the product about an hour then I washed it off. The next day and for entire week I had to wear trousers as my legs got completely different colour.  Lightweight and hydrating contains the signature Divine fragrance with notes of grapefruit, rose, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar and white musk. Smells really good compare to other products that are not having any particular smell or fragrance. If you are an addict of aromas this is something made for you. No Parabens/Sulfates/Phthalates.

Madame LA LA Tan provides an instant glow that develops into an even deep golden colour in 3 hours. Compare to Caudalie this products has visibly more chocolate, dark tint finish. The lightweight tinted mousse is a quick-dry DD Tan perfector (Dynamic do-all) infused with hydrating skincare and anti-ageing benefits;  Coco Water, Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E, plus built-in skin finishing perfectors. Innovative colour customising technology ensures your tan looks natural whilst adapting to your individual skin tone. Madame LA LA Tan will last for 10 days as if you have spent 2 weeks on Malibu Beach! And I can swear by it. I was wearing damn trousers for the entire week because of the intense different colour of my left leg 😀 (!!!) Contains Coconut fragrance.

Lancaster Sun Beauty Tan Deepener  SPF6 is one of iconic and best seller product of French beauty brand. It looks and feel like a jam on the skin – very jelly and silky. It has slightly reddish or purple finish. This product is basically your fast track to get tan during sun exposure. The new formula is all about Full Light Technology that protects skin from all 4 sun rays (UVB, UVA, Visible light, Infrared). This tan maximizer body gel provides skin with an immediate glow while allwing you to obtain an even faster, deeper, flawless tan. It is recommended to re-apply the product frequently to maintain the protection (as SPF6 is the lowest protection level remember) especially after swimming, towelling, perspiring or very long sun exposure. Make sure you wash off the product before getting dress as may stain(!).

Shiseido Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion is the only one product from all these that I cam recommend for face use. It is white in colour, like a body loction (see the picture with the plate). It is not tanning straight away. It meant to tan slowly after each use. You might need a little of patient before noticing the changes. The good thing about the gradual self-tanning is that any amount you are going to apply is not going to cause you any dramatic consequences. I heard a lot of hilarious stories about patch tan or white neck, tan face or vice versa. The product is designed for a daily use. Very gentle on face and body. Creates subtle radiant colour in a few day to one week. Help to maintain the tan when used every day. Absorbs quickly, moisturizes effectively and leaves skin looking healthy and retexturized. Contains Thiotaurine to help combat environmental factors. The formula contains sun-smart technology (I would’t doubt for a Japanese brand) that defends against UVA and UVB rays that cause skin inflammation and sunburn (here I am).

Here is the only moment I stepped into the kitchen this month. Luckily I found these eggs in the fridge to show you how the texture of the products looks like. The very neat and homogeneous egg on the top right received the Madame LA LA quick treatment. One on the left was covered with Lancaster “berry” jam #kidding. The jel texture looks very thick. Careful with clothing, this product may stain. The very middle egg was cuddle with Caudalie tan lotion. You have to apply uniformly this product to avoid patchy effect. Last but not least is the ghost self-tanning product from Shiseido. You have to use it daily to gradual results.

From mousses to lotions to spray tans, it can be an overwhelming process and I don’t want to leave you without a few essential tips that can save your time and nerves.

  1. Do a small test (before applying on entire body) in some hidden area so you’ll see how the product works on you and what colour you’ll end with.
  2. Use gloves if you apply product only on some part of your body and you don’t want to end with a funny hands.
  3. Don’t use the oil moisturizers,  perfume or even the deodorant on the tanning morning as will result in spots on your face and body.
  4. Any hair removal, scrub or other treatment should be carry 24h before the tanning.
  5. Have a cold shower (or almost) before tanning in order to close the pore, that will reduce them getting blocked and clogged.
  6. Try using sweeping motions, rather than circular motions.
  7. Wipe your nails, palms and brows after application and apply some aloe vera based moisturiser  at the bottom of your wrists and buff in using a buffing mitt to minimise the chance of a tanning sleeve.
  8. For Next Level Tanning – Add additional tan to the area you want shaded – so underneath the collarbones, underneath the bicep indent, the outer torso and in between the thighs. If you’re pushed for time, do this with a bronzer or an instant tan. Then highlight your tan with an illuminator, applying lashings to your shoulders, collarbones, cheekbones, and the front of your legs to create sheen and definition.

I guess everybody has the memories (and the photos) of their previous tanning mistakes. Well, th choice of tanning products was limited back in the day. Fast forward several years on and we’re now faced with a greater selection of tanning products and tools to make sure those fluorescent orange ghosts of bronzing experiences past can finally be laid to rest. So which of today’s type of tans is perfect for you?

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    This was such a great in depth read, I cannot wait to get my tan my legs are super pale these days.

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