Couple Goals

With a reason (Women’s Day) or not it is so nice to have a couple shooting time to time. We are so blessed having Marina – my sister-in-law  for a little vacation here in Dubai (hopefully she will decide to settle in here). Marina is professional photographer (@marinandrenucci) and the other day she proposed to gift us a couple shooting in the Desert. Michele and I have been leaving relatively long time in Dubai but  we haven’t done any “together” pictures in the Desert yet. Maybe that explains why it started raining once we stepped into the Desert :)) Imagine! Finally we reached the dunes and it starts rain O_O. Anyway is not bad at all if you think how many other people were lucky to see such phenomenon? At least I have a story to tell now :). It was a beautiful experience considering that in never rains here (except this year when it happens quite often for this region). Luckily  we managed to get all the pictures we want and now I can framed them and place on my night table 🙂

I was wearing: Bedouin Studios dress, (mine) Brosway watch, (his) Daniel Wellington,  @Flowers.Ae bouquet

Photographer: Marina Andrenucci @marinandrenucci

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