Cleanse and nourishing serums from Baré Alchemy

Since I start full-time adventure of blogging my life become even more busy compare to my previous hectic job&lifestyle. Hardly I would find time to pamper if not my beauty reviews brakes 🙂 Happily the rainy-cloudy phenomenon weather in Dubai allows me little “me” time and thought to share some of my “beauty” secrets. I don’t use the same product for long time, I  usually  mix  and swap the skincare I have to “feed” the skin with different ingredients. Cos sometimes I need a boost of hydration, other time lifting treatment or a quick detox. The usual drill is to keep my skin  as clean and hydrated as possible. I always use a serum in combination with moisturiser.

The serum will deliver in a quick blink the key ingredients and then the moisturiser will continue the job.  I have many serum that I use – the Bare Alchemy are one of those. One is for oily skin and other one is for (dry and) sensitive skin.

For Oily Skin – the  CLEANSE Day/Night Serum

Contains Kakadu Plum, Lilly pilly and Tea Tree –  the natural sources of the highest vitamin C and antioxidants on the planet. They  have been traditional bush tucker and healing remedies of the indigenous people of Australia for thousands of years.  The serum has been made using Australian extracts and global botanicals like Mastic Resin, Argan, Chaulmoogra and Manuka Oils to cleanse and nourish the skin. The ingredients are mild and safe for any delicate skin. It helps unblock pores, regulate moisture, and deliver essential nutrition your skin needs.

For Dry/Sensitive Skin – SOOTH Day/Night Serum

Contains Tasmanian Pepper Fruit and Kakadu Plum as natural antioxidants and high concentration of Vitamin C. For nourishing and sooting the skin – Aloe Vera, Pichia ferment, Rose Hips, Argan and Almond oil.

Here are some facts that make the Baré Ambrosia serums  to be a good detox and nourish treatment after long busy week and exhausting travels and sun exposure. The facial serums:

Are extremely rich in vitamins and nourishing oils
Contain acne fighting, pore cleansing actives such as manuka oil and nigella sativa
Provide soothing botanicals like rosehip oil and roman chamomile
Offer a variety of super-effective antioxidants which enhance cellular rejuvenation while protecting the skin from free radicals
Include Vitamin C to boost the purifying and exfoliating effect of the serums
And contain Hyaluronic Acid for exceptional moisture retention.
This complex natural formulation means that these facial serums support skin health and cellular rejuvenation while improving the clarity of the skin. Perfect for all those holiday snaps too!

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