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How to sell your wardrobe on Shedd App

When your wardrobe is taking more than half of your home space and your husband can’t control himself telling everyone that he has only 2 drawers to stow his clothes compare to you – you got a problem! Like…

My Style Projects

Swarovski x Reinvent Yourself

My dear friends I am so exited to reveal (finally) Β the Swarovski & Neo Arabia shooting we had last month inΒ the heart of Dessert of Abu Dhabi – Empty Quarter.…


Don’t waste your wardrobe. Shedd it

Say No more Waste of Wardrobe. From today you can Buy Wear Shedd your entire wardrobe. Download Β the SHEDD AppΒ  sell your wardrobe and stay in peace with your wallet. READ more how you can use the app.…