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Best from Milan StreetStyle to boost your Inspirational Mood

Fashion Week haven’t started with Milano but as I will forever and ever be the nr1 fan for Italian Fashion I decided to start with what is closest to my heart.

Practically you can take the exam in upcoming fashion trends after checking the outfits of the show goers. All the looks are different and so inspirational. Β Grab a cup of coffee and let’s scroll together πŸ™‚

Husband shirt Yohooo!!! As we don’t have enough in our wardrobes to borrows his few items πŸ™‚

Loving the stripped and reinvented shirt in the last few seasons.Β We can keep going other plus two πŸ™‚

I have ever will stop following Chiara – this is the look I want to remember of her. Happy sweet and girlish babe bringing so much

laugh and inspirations to all of us.

Block colours fur is something to embrace next season. Especially if its not real and matched with your best friend coat πŸ˜›

This is ultimate in flower addiction that I can understand and put on my list. Cross the fingers I will found such match soon πŸ™‚

Everything is soooooo fab here – accessories, top bra, the colour.

Notice Caroline’s shoes. White is tacking over the hottest trends and you’ll definitely need to update your wardrobe.

Tutu si a happy choice and we’ll keep this option for stylish makeover on our off duty time πŸ™‚

She’s my babe. Talented blogger from my country – Moldova. Doina Β is tacking over the world with her stylish content.

Inspo boosts to those of you who can’t consider anything but comfort.

Delicate Olivia wears a scarf to give a feminine touch to this winter outfit.

Linda can’t go wrong with anything. The Master of colour combinations in this masculine-feminine outfit. Notice here the hoodie

sleeves that are showing of jacket.

Pink is Everything. Don’t avoid it during winter. The contrast is absolutely amazing πŸ™‚

Here’s a Style Lesson from an Editor. Match orange with grey and better when is a classy fabric to keep you warm.

Fly high stylish bird!!! The pop of blue colour is a Master work. Very impressed!

I have a Prada orange trousers that I can’t hide them anymore. Let’s bring orange back, please! You’ll probably stop me but I love it in

combination with pink. Perfect match!!!

I would put this in doubt if I won’t love YoyoKuala. Here is the deal. We can’t pretend the world is made only of high heels and black

dresses. Here is how you can look cool even in your best-friends-pants πŸ˜› Extra points for sunglasses.

Here is the whole reason why I put this StreetStyle content on blog today. The white and red stripped shirt is the one to pick from

everything we have seen so far at Milan Fashion Week 2017. Scroll down there are other few pictures with this shirt.

Look modern in vintage will be always actual. Perfect yellow and metallic purple combination.

Classy and bon tone coat will survive our capricious desire to experiment (I mean here the off shoulder trench coat).

Yes, darling. You got everything wright. Stripes are gorgeous in red or blue and goes like a butter on bread with grey +_+

Well, let’s concentrate on shoes. They are fuchsia and they are soooo sexy πŸ™‚

We need another close-up to get this right. Pvc soscks in a shoes. Or shoes in a shoes…Or…

What I appreciate here is DIY work. You can do it at home too!

I haven’t seen in a long time a picture that I like so much like this one. It is because of her facial expression. Cos the grimace she

has is telling me that she is a real, she doesn’t fake any moment in front of camera. We can’t be happy all the times.

All you love from Gucci in one single outfit.

Linda you are killing us with those perfectly matched under sleeves.

Remember White shoes are HOT!

T-hirt (logo t-shirt) is the key and “Less is More” is the win situation here cos you can keep the game up with those shoes.

The patterned silky pants can change everything and give you space to thousands of Β top combinations. Must have!

Sport chic and Sexy Sport πŸ™‚

Two things here that make me aware of having some connections here.

First – I was wearing similar suede ankle heeled boots when I was young and restless. They make you feel so cool, girls. Believe me!

Especially if you are wearing a floral sheer dress with them πŸ™‚

Two – this ’90 bomber I saw in a vintage shop in Spain/Barcelona last summer. I haven’t guessed the potential of it that time.

I would be probably on Vogue’s pages now. Kidding πŸ™‚

Such a lovely outfit. It makes me google her biography at this point. Muaw πŸ™‚


This is something!!! Ultimate work of what you can do with a fur coat.

So much joy in one little look. The movements and lines, the colours and the whole dynamic of this look is G O R G


Christine is a classy girl and she knows how to make us follow her in this pursuit.

I swear my mum has identical coat. How is that possible?

I remember in 2004 I was dating I guy that come over my place (or I was at his place) and I was looking for the sandals to go out.

He told me “I hope you are not going to put them with the socks you are wearing now”. Well, now I do. I wear socks with shoes a lot.

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