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The Best Fashion Week – Seoul StreetStyle

I do love Milan, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks (and StreetStyle of course) but what Japan and South Korea does in the last years is much more exiting in terms of new talents, new vision, new aesthetic. The  sporty yet feminine silhouettes, androgynous esthétique, funky designs, fancy fabrics, funny stamps and overall quirkiness are giving life to the city all year around not only during fashion week. And that is important to mention as some cities in the world are getting fashionable and blooming in colours only on those specific weeks. Totally different pattern in the Eastern countries where I believe the Fashion Industry and consumer reaction is much faster compare to the rest of the world. I remember my first time travelling to South Korea and Japan I had literally Vespucci moment  (when Amerigo discovered America, remember(?!) but in Fashion terms. From that moment my eyes stares to the East only. Seoul is like a toddler with a massive energy of absorbing what is going on in fashion industry globally and then recreating their own concept of beauty and fashion.00-holding 00-holding-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 00-holding-seoul-day-5 00-holding-seoul-fw-finch 01-seoul-fw 02-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 02-seoul-day-4 02-seoul-day-5 02-seoul-fw-finch 03-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 03-seoul-day-4 03-seoul-day-5 03-seoul-fw 03-seoul-fw-finch 04-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 04-seoul-day-4 04-seoul-day-5 04-seoul-fw 05-seoul-day-4 05-seoul-day-5 05-seoul-fw 05-seoul-fw-finch 06-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 06-seoul-day-4 06-seoul-day-5 06-seoul-fw-finch 07-seoul-day-5 07-seoul-fw 08-seoul-day-5 08-seoul-fw-finch 09-seoul-day-5 09-seoul-fw-finch 10-seoul-fw 11-seoul-day-5 12-seoul-day-5 13-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 13-seoul-day-4 13-seoul-day-5 13-seoul-fw 13-seoul-fw-finch 14-seoul-day-4 14-seoul-fw 15-seoul-fw 15-seoul-fw-finch 16-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 16-seoul-day-4 17-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 17-seoul-day-4 18-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 18-seoul-day-4 18-seoul-day-5 18-seoul-fw 19-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 19-seoul-day-4 19-seoul-day-5 19-seoul-fw-finch 20-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 20-seoul-day-5 21-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 21-seoul-fw 22-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 22-seoul-day-5 22-seoul-fw 23-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 24-day-3-seoul-fashion-week 25-day-3-seoul-fashion-week

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    Maë Rzf
    13 November 2016 at 2:32 pm

    I can’t get enough of SFW street-style, it’s my favourite fashion right now xoxo

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