4-step Perfect Pores Kit

I am so thrilled about the Pore Treatment I’m going to present you today. I don’t know even from where to start. That how excited I am. There are two great things about today’s post: First is that  the #PerfectPores Kit are the latest curations of PeachAndLily beauty shop. Available as a 4-step Pores Treatment Kit with cleanser FREE. Two the products that are included in the Perfect Pores Kit are from Caolion – Korean brand famous for “Where-Is-Pore” series of wash-masks. You might know by now that Korean beauty brands are leaders for natural skincare products in Asia and all around the world. And I’m all hearts and hands for Korean products. That explains why I’m broke after every flight or Holiday in Korea, Japan or Taiwan. (My husband desperately tries to cancel my visa to those countries 🙂 )Perfect POREs3

The Caolion designed a system that works directly to your pores with a proper deep cleanse. The Freshly Chitosan Foam Cleanser is just the thing to start your journey to clear, healthy pores. Formulated with patented unshiu (or Jeju mandarin oil) and antioxidants this cleanser balances the skin’s pH, and leaves your face feeling refreshed, but not dry. I use a small amount as it foams a lot and wash my face in the morning and in the evening. Love the peach colour and the easy squeezed container.

Perfect POREs16 Perfect POREs15 Perfect POREs4

Next comes the Premium Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack. My favorite <3 <3 <3 I call it Surprise Pack 🙂  Thanks to micro oxygen bubbles, the skin is gently, but deeply cleansed. 100% natural sparkling water and deep-cleansing charcoal powder work to eliminate impurities. Natural oat grains make sure your skin retains its moisture, and gently buff dead skin cells away. Apply a small amount (around 3 g) onto entire face and massage gently in circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Then you’ll see how bubbles are formed and break into your skin. Love the sound of bubbles 🙂 🙂 Once the happy bubbles are formed leave it for another 5 to 10 minutes and massage again for additional benefits (or fun :p). Then rinse with lukewarm water. It is recommended to keep the product refrigerated to enhance pore tightening and cleansing effect.Perfect POREs12Perfect POREs10Perfect POREs11Perfect POREs6

Completely mad about the Premium Original Pore Pack. An innovative formula which is intensely, refreshingly cooling. This purifying formula tightens pores and enhances the complexion. Glacial clay, Alaskan glacial water, and menthol combine for a soothing, cooling, and relaxing experience that will leave you glowing. I’m already in trance. All these Glacial, Alaska, la-la-la looks actually very natural, love the colour of the clay and the texture. Due to menthol it has a little bit strong effect the moment you apply on the skin but it gets better after 1-2 minutes. I use the mask on my nose area only  (for 10-15 minutes then rinse) as it requires more attention this nasty nose I got. Recommended to be refrigerated to enhance the tightening and skin soothing benefits.

Perfect POREs9Perfect POREs8 Perfect POREs7

Finally—bedtime. Before hitting the hay, the final step is Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask. This sleeping pack works using a shape memory technology, while you get your beauty sleep revealing brightened, tightened skin when you wake up. Youthfulness is maintained by tightening the pores and enhancing elasticity. It is jelly at touch and has no particular smell. It is absorbs really fast and I am really happy that this product doesn’t leave the skin (and pillow) grassy at all.

Perfect POREs13 Perfect POREs2 Perfect POREs0

Few Tips: Use only one product every few days so as not to overwhelm your face. If you experience any irritation, stop use immediately. Do a patch test on the skin behind your ear if you have sensitive skin to see if these products are right for you. I have a very very sensitive skin and it is important to mention that I didn’t experience any problem related to the use of all four products above.

Where to Get the PerfectPores Kit

You can get this kit to perfect your pores + your complexion + your skin on PEACH AND LILY  They got an amazing offer (for limited time ONLY!). Basically you buy three must-have products and get the cleanser FREE. This almost never happens  at Peach & Lily but they heard your cries for pore perfection and it’s there. Cleanse, exfoliate, minimize pores, even that complexion and wake up totally refreshed.

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