2017 Spring Summer Fashion Trends

Freshly landed in 2017 in your cozy knitwear with “New Year” Resolution done, all goals set and full of energy to take by storm the new horizons. A pair of high heels and trendy clothes will always help you along. Here is a sum of the biggest trends of SS2017. Remember them by heart to not spend on clothes that are not en vogue anymore.

Raspberry Pink Cocktail

Happiness to all dolls in this world(included me). I was so close to Sheddย (What is Sheddย ?) one of my fuchsia coat the other day (you see why this post is good?! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Now we all know the Pink&Co(Purple, Raspberry, Fuchsia, Cherry, Violet, Baby Pink, Teenager Pink :p ) are still among us for another year.


This is kind of Mix&Match reloaded. Vintage fabrics meet new prints, finishes and colours. If I can give up on something that would be Patchwork. I never truly understand the beauty of this work. Shame on me!


Limoncello Shades

There are few elements that will get alive with each spring and Yellow is one of them and it comes in a generous dose this year.


Space Woman

Sounds and looks like a project of braking free in this Universe. The Space Uniform trend is getting more and more ย new enrollers.

Seventies prints

Is going to be a very colourful summer. The 70’s Revival brings lot of prints, geometric checks, flowers, curves heraldid. What other Masters tho bring alive this trend than Miu Miu, Givenchy, Prada.

Baby Girls

The feminine ruffles, candy creamy colours, softness of sheer fabrics and babydoll faces are going to allure our Spring and Summer.



At best if over buttoned-up shirts. Go beyond and experiment it on your dresses, tunics too. This is the sexiest trend that applies on the most decent-traditional clothes though.


Red-Ridding-Hood Robe

To protect you agains all the wolves and monsters out there. From left to right Hood by Air, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne.


Man Borrowed Shirt

Last seasons we borrowed the jeans, then the oversized knitwear – now is time to make shirts entry. The Unisex Fashion is embracing more territory based on what was showcased at Seoul Fashion Week few months ago.


Jumpsuit Uniform

The jumpsuit got a very classy and chic interpretation. Brands like Hermes, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Seward proposing them as a glamorous outfit for day and night occasions.


Puffball Shoulders

As you can see everything is about shoulders this year. The Eighties obsession continues with variations of prints, fabrics, colours. You can be a Rugby player and Madonna fan at the same time.


Rounded Rounded

Think donuts if you want ๐Ÿ™‚ All volumes goes to your shoulders. Careful to keep the proportions while plumping them.


Rugby shoulders

Lack of time spent in gym will be compensated with oversized jacket this year. Yay :p


Endless Flowers

If there is someone really happy that the flowers are in bloom this season again – thats me. Forย an impressive look try to wear them head-to-toe ๐Ÿ™‚

Leather Fringesย 

You might not think this way but the fringe is more minimalistic than ever this season. Very classy and bon tone especially in soft and light shades.


Granpa Sleevless Sweater

Another inspiration from Men’s Fashion you can observe here. Goes awesomely with colourful prints, vintage geometrical patterns. Looks very sexy and eye catching with skirt, sheer or satin dresses.

Chic Leggings

Here is a very surprising upgrade to our all times favourites, saviors and never separate everyday piece – leggings. Get a pair in glamorous colours and rock this season.


Tulle & Underwear

Sheet textures and tules left little to the imagination. Hide and seek game is the hottest game this Sumer. ย The Dior’s signature bra’s strap put on fair the usual wear.


Gold and Silver

Elegance meets mystery. Everything what was common appearingย couture in these metallic shades.


Gatsby Sequinsย 

Imagine you are going on a date with Gatsby. What are you going to wear?



This is green peace trend. All the fabrics and the cuts are made to spread a positive energy around. Or if you want is a Fashion interpretation of the Mindfulness concept.


Polka Dots

Retro and ballerina style are revived by this beautiful motif. Forever imprinted in my mind by Yayoi Kusama.


Graphic Stripes

Use and abuse the mega vibrant stripes prints in 2017. Beautiful in bright strong colours.


Trech 2.0

Because Trench is one of the Must Have pieces than never will go out of fashion. Confirmation to that is the presence of the trench in collections of the designers of all 4 Fashion capitals during Fashion Week SS2017.

Off-Duty Robes

Alternative to the trench in case you want something new but still covering you longwise. Very chic and feminine, playful I would say.

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