Nourish, Energized and Protect your hair with Italian products

A good day is when your hair looks like you just left the saloon right? I am a terrible lazy person to go to saloons. I have no idea from where this is coming from? On contrary side I do really spend lot of time for my beauty rituals evening and morning. I love trying new products, mixing them and choosing the best for my body, face and hair.ย 

The products I’m talking about today surprised me twice. First that they are all made in Italy. I can swear by fashion and shoes, mozzarellas and pizzas but Shampoos? That was something really exciting to try. As usual their excellence in other fields confirmed in this case too that Italians where born to mastered everything related to Beauty and Dolce Vita (you can bet I married an Italian, right?).

What I was looking for my hair ritual before opening these cute bottles was to give a boost of energy and nourishing to my tired-looking hair and eventually some protective shield against the heat exposure.

Now, as I am writing this review the shampoo and conditioner are all gone and the spray is half empty (or half full is you are an optimist). So what I talk here is purely my experience and not a sponsored boredom. ย What I observed since the beginning was that the shampoo and the conditioner were acting like a detox agents on my hair. I felt my hair very loosely without weighting it down.

The DAVINES Nourishing Shampoo aims to solve all the dehydrated scalp and dry, brittle (arrr) hair. It has creamy texture and produces a full-bodied, rich foam, whilst the mixture of gentle surfactants gently washes the hair structure. The active ingredient of this shampoo is Grape phytoceuticals – rich in polyphenolss with a strong anti-oxidant actionย (yes we need that not only for our face). ๐Ÿ™‚

The INSIGHT Energizing Conditioner is designed for daily use (believe or not I wash my hair almost everyday #TheStruggleIsReal ). It respects the natural moisture balance of the hair and doesnโ€™t weigh it down as I said above. As it has light moisturizing effect – the hair is easier to comb. The Plant Oils and Fruit Acids restore vitality to the hair and leaves i glossy.

DAVINES MELU Hair Shield – Ideal for protecting all types of hair from stress caused by straightener or blow dryer. This spray effectively protects the hair from heat stresses (to not mention the temperatures you are fighting everyday here in MiddleEast).ย The scent that characterizes the MELU range has a floral and woody note.ย The natural active ingredients are:
Lentil Seeds from Villalba – it is ideal to nourish and repair
Panthenol – gives moisture and shine to the hair;
Quatenium-8 – softening, conditioning antistatic proprieties. Speed up blow drying time;
Specific anionic resin – Thermal protection;
Zero Impactยฎ product with Villalba Lentil Seeds from Slow Food Presidium of Caltanissetta, Sicile

I hope all these informations turn useful and you’ll come back to let me know how that works on your hair. Kisses dears

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    18 April 2017 at 3:53 pm

    I’ve never tried these products but they look great!

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