5 Beauty Products you need after flight

While packing for your trips you’ll definitely stow your moisturizer, cleanser, shampoo, makeup. As a full time professional traveler I can tell you might need more that basic skincare products. The 5 beauty products included in my today’s post are the first ones you’ll need after flight.

Once you landed after a long flight your priority should be hydration. Drink plenty of water as your body and skin is dehydrated regardless if you drank a lot of liquids during the flight. Once in the hotel wash up all the make up you were wearing. Even you had a bare skin be sure the recycling aircraft air left lot of dust on your face and even it might appear oily it is 100% dehydrated. A concentrated acid blend of AHAs+BHAs will help to speed up the skin’s natural exfoliation process, will decongest dull skin, oily skin especially with one of pre-soaked pads from  NIP+FAB Extreme Glycolic FIX Night Pads. Use the pads on the face and decollete after cleansing, avoiding the eye area. Contains 5% glycolic acid which aids natural skin exfoliation and refines skin’s texture; salicylic acid that helps unclog congested skin; lactic acid – gently weakens the bonds holding dead skin cells together.

Make sure the shower you take is not  hot as you veins are already enlarged because of the altitude and take-off and/landing process. The hot temperature of the water might worsen the situation. It is recommended to take shower two hours after landing in lukewarm water. After shower use a body lotion or body butter to give back to your skin the hydration it lost. Moisturize and nourish your skin to health with Rahua Body Lotion. This rich 100% natural, organic, gluten free and vegan Body Lotion uses a fabulous omega-3 and -9 compound that works with organic Quinoa, Rahua Ungurahua oil, Sacha Inchi oil and other natural ingredients to moisturize and repair the dermis and the epidermis. Rahua Body Lotion enlivens dull, dry skin that is caused by environmental  or aircraft dry air damage. The antioxidant rich formula will help skin recover and maintain elasticity for a younger, softer, more gorgeous texture. Ungurahua omega-9 deeply hydrates skin. Sacha Inchi omega-3 steadily improves softness and elasticity, and organic Quinoa antioxidants rejuvenate and protect skin daily. Skin is well nourished by the unparalleled potency of these extraordinary Amazonian moisturizers.

If you arrived in a sunny destination and getting tan sounds exciting for you remember to get a good protection before exposing to the sun. The broad Spectrum  Sunscreen Oil from Herbal Essentials spf 30 protects from UVA and UVB and suits all types of the skin. I would recommend it for pool & beach use as it is a little bit greasy. Absorbs very quickly whilst leaving the skin hydrated. No white marks. Reapply every 2 hours generously to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling.

After a long day you probably can’t wait to get some food. If you had set a dinner with you friends/colleagues and you don’t have time to wash and fix your hair there is a quick solution for this.  Bad hair is my after-every-flight-situation. It is a tradition to have a dinner with the colleagues as soon we arrive in the hotel. To wash and fix a long hair in half an hour is not realistic at all. Here’s the dry shampoo I use that helps to fix immediately a grassy hair. COLAB Dry Shampoo has been developed by a dynamic collective of beauty experts who combine the best of their backstage knowledge. The result is inspiring breakthrough formulas that fuse the art of hairdressing with the science of formulation. Keep that clean hair feel for longer & instantly revitalize your look with COLAB’s ready-to-wear dry shampoo. “The runway ready formula absorbs oil & refreshes roots with a residue-free, lightweight finish. It also leaves a gorgeous veil of fashion fragrance so now your hair can smell as fabulous as it looks.” – Ruth Crilly, fashion model & blogger. Directions: Shake, spray & finish for an instantly revitalized look. Make sure you wash up everything the next day to keep you head beauty healthy.

Last but not least. Before I go to bed I use different masks. Depends what I have in stock as I buy all kind of sheet mask from Asian destination. The Platinum Lift Face Mask-Sheet from Skin Republic is a good antioxidant serum aid in the fight against environmental damage. Nano-Platinum, Trehalose and Pomegranate are antioxidants that assist in lifting and firming the skin, enhacing elasticity and texture for visibly firmer, lofted younger looking skin. You definitely need that after all swollen effect the flight left on your face.

Now you are ready to fight the damages of a long flight can cause you and know what to stow to look fresh regardless how tired your skin can feel. Happy Flights!!!

NIP FAB0 NIP FAB1 Sunscreen Oil 1 Rahua Body Lotion Dry Shampoo2 Dry Shampoo1 Platinum Lift Mask1 Anti Aging sheet mask

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