10 Essential Brushes you need to start with. Beginner’s Guide

Not so long time ago I had no clue  whatsoever makeup brushes are there for? What Contouring is? Highlighter? Bronzer? And why you actually need a special brush for each of them?! In my innocent free of makeup world I used to believe one brush work for everything 🙂 🙂  

I remember I received my first ever brush and a blush as a gift from my mom best friend (She thought I know how to use it 🙂 ) Well, thats was is it, I thought. You have a blush you need a brush. What else could you desire more on Earth? A 13 years would laugh big time right now(thats ok!) but I was a completely ignorant about anything related to makeup. Few years later, while in Bangkok, shopping in that famous MBK mall I stumble in from of a very cute Bobby Brown fan brush (Fake, of course!). I bought it right away not because I knew the use of that but because it was soo sooo cute. Aren’t you love the fan brushes? Those for highlighting? 🙂 The bigger the cutest?!!!!

Makeup brushes from QVS Beauty

He stays few years on my vanity table as a deco 🙂 When I start using it  was basically to clean up the residual makeup that falls on the eye area when you apply the eyeshadow. Well…that is the optional function of the fan brush.

If you feel lost or little bit overwhelmed, just like me few years back, regarding  the purpose of  each of many brushes you see in the stores –  Let’t take a quick tour today to the 10 basic brushes that you need to start with. Yes, Girl, TEN! Believe me after you’ll start using them you’ll soon get to point that you need more, way more than 10 brushes.

Brushes serves there where and when you can’t use your fingers. Of course you’ll find yourself even after times of using the brushes that fingers can’t warm up and apply the makeup the way you want. No one is taking that from you. Reeeelaaaax!  🙂 🙂

The secret of any makeup is BBB:


2. Brief just a little bit in between then

3.Repeat BBB

You’ll need at minimum of  Ten “Blending Tools” for your everyday makeup. If you are beginner I will suggest to start with good quality, not necessarily expensive brushes like these ones in the pictures that I have from QVS. They are available in separate kits. That allows you to buy few tools at the beginning and then you can add more brushes depending on your makeup routine. Once you’ll get used with them and will “master” your makeup routine you can upgrade and invest in even more brushes. Remember that it is recommended to change the brushes each 2 years for hygiene reasons.

QVS Contour & Buffer brush


A 360” brush made  using soft and dense nylon bristle. Ideal for gently buffing concealer to reduce hard lines, applying highlighter to finer areas of the face to enhance and accentuate when contouring or to bring out the brow bone with a natural shimmer.

The flat top shape helps to define your facial contours and cheekbones by allowing you to blend and layer your blush and contour colour easily. As a bonus, it’s also ideal to apply and blend your foundation for even coverage.2. Contour

Designed with a dense wide head to quickly accentuate and contour with control. Exactly what you need at the beginning.  Made from smooth nylon bristle for use with powder and cream makeup. Use for extra definition on cheeks, soft highlighting on the cheekbone or use with bronzer to subtly shape the face. Subtly!!!


Made using natural bristle for liquid and can be used with powder makeup too.  Create a professional base by preparing your eyelid before eyeshadow application. Use your concealer on an eye primer for smoother eyeshadow application and longer lasting colour. Designed with a wide head for covering the eye area quickly and easily.


Yay! A must have brush for daily eyeshadow application and colour diffusion for seamless blending. You may want to buy few of blending brushes. At least 2 to apply the different eyeshadows and keep one clean to blend the colours together. Many do this mistake to blend with the same brush that was applied the eye-shadow. What’s happening is that eye-shadow on the brush will take over the other shadows you have applied. Instead a clean one will nicely blend few colours and will do an awesome transition between the. Got it? 😛

5. 360”Blender

This is and awesome multi-use brush for seamless blending foundation, applying the perfect amount of colour to cheeks or subtle highlighting.  Gradually build up colour while gently buffing in-between.

6. Eyeshadow

Easy colour application with subtle blending and highlighting. Try pressing eyeshadow onto the eyelid instead of wiping. This will build up colour and coverage quicker.

7. Feather

When you need a micro-fine brush to gently smooth and smudge colour for the perfect smokey effect. Apply pencil eyeliner to the top and bottom lash line then gently smudge to remove hard lines. Also use to apply shimmer or glitter with precision. You’ll see how this little one works fantastically on the bottom lash. Remember to blend there too with your clean Blending brush :p

My lip brush got lost somewhere under sofa just before I set up my camera. Thank you to “Feather” for saving the situation here 🙂 QVS Brushes


Applying lipstick with a brush gives you greater control for precise edges and even coverage. Some lipsticks are very pigmented and thick – nothing can help you better to control and set the amount of product you apply on. Great tool in case you mix two or more lipsticks for ombre lips.

9. Brow spoolie

Use to gently neaten hairs into place or use after applying brow makeup to distribute and even out the colour. MUST MUST have! You can go bare skin whenever you want but never skip the Brow Makeup!!!

10. Fan/Highlighter brush

And here we are at one of my favorite ever brush. This is kind of fetish brush for me. As I was telling you above I bought it simply because it looks so cute to me. I confess it wast a decorations on my desk for years. Till I discovered the Highlighter :). If I have to travel tomorrow trust me this will be the first brush I’ll pack in 🙂

Hope you have found useful this guide. If you have any funny story about discovering and using your first brushes, pleeeeaaase share it here. Love to hear them 🙂

More about the brushes I’m using here on QVS Beauty

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